Ideal Sans, a handmade typeface for a machine-made age.

Setting aside the easy pursuit of digital perfection, Ideal Sans favors handmade forms that help it achieve different goals: warmth, craftsmanship, and humanity.

The first sans serif typefaces, designed in the early nineteenth century, bore the names of ancient cultures — “Egyptian,” “Ionic,” “Doric”, “Gothic” — even though these typefaces shared none of the qualities of genuine lettering from the ancient world. 2,500 years earlier, Greek inscriptions were taut and lively; by comparison, these nineteenth century printing types were impassive and deliberate. It would be nearly a century before typefounders would take an interest in inscriptional lettering, and begin to imbue their sans serifs with classical proportions, fluid kinesthetic movements, and references to calligraphic form. This new approach was nurtured by the calligrapher Edward Johnston, designer of the London Underground’s signature alphabet in 1916, and by Eric Gill, whose eponymous sans serif was produced by the Monotype Corporation a decade later. Because these designs were rooted in classical form, and their designers dedicated to traditional crafts, the new style became known as the Humanist sans serif. Nonetheless, these designs were often products more of the machine than the hand, chilly and austere designs shaped by unbending rules, whose occasional moments of whimsy were so out of place as to feel volatile and disquieting.

Ideal Sans began as an attempt to reclaim the Humanist style, and to restore its missing humanity. Like all Humanist designs, Ideal Sans has classical rather than industrial proportions (its capitals vary greatly in width, from the almost circular O to the half-square E), and it favors traditional forms like the two-storey lowercase a and g. Unlike most sans serifs, it is allergic to geometry: the design contains almost no straight lines, very few symmetries, and it takes every opportunity to resist formulaic rules. These policies make Ideal Sans engaging at large sizes, and help it to perform at small ones, giving the design a warm, organic, and handmade feeling.

Ideal Sans ScreenSmart: High-Performance Webfonts

Ideal Sans ScreenSmart is an adaptation of the family specifically engineered for the screen, and available for use on the web through Cloud.typography. To ensure outstanding rendering on screen at sizes as small as nine pixels, we carefully adjusted the fonts’ fit, color, and proportions, and orchestrated their progression of weights so that each style is distinctly different from its neighbors. Like all ScreenSmart fonts, Ideal Sans ScreenSmart is equipped with a set of detailed instructions called “hints,” which tell its outlines how to adapt themselves to pixel grids at different point sizes, to ensure that the fonts always retain both their legibility and their personality.

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    Texture. Bold asymmetries and subtle calligraphic overtones give Ideal Sans a handmade quality, making the design distinctive at large sizes and richly textured at small ones.

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    Size Proficiency. Ideal Sans thrives in text settings, thanks to the sorts of qualities usually found only in seriffed faces: distinctive italics, heavy weights that work in small sizes, and a rich character set.

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    Numerics. Ideal Sans contains not only lining- and old-style figures, but a complete set of tabular figures, fractions, and special symbols necessary for tables and charts.

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    Language Support. Ideal Sans features our Latin-X™ character set, covering more than 140 languages throughout the world — including all of Central Europe.

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